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So a kid comes home from school and goes in his house and his mom asks him, "What'd you do in school today?" and her son replies, "I had sex with my teacher..." Her mom yelled, "Oh my gosh! Son that is not okay! Go upstairs to your room and wait till your dad gets home." The boy goes upstairs in his room and stands in the corner. His dad comes home and goes in his room and asks him, "Mom told me you did something at school today?" and he answers, "Yes, I had sex with my teacher." His claps with excitement and says "Alright! Way to go son! That's my boy! C'mon! I'm taking you downtown to get you the best bicycle." They hop in the truck and drive to the bike shop and find the nicest bike in the market. His dad looks at him and asks, "Son do you want to ride your bike home?" he replies, "No." With a questioned face he says, "Well why not?" so his son answers, "Cause my butt is sore." and his father asks, "Well, why is your butt sore?" and his son says, "Cause I had sex with my teacher..."

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