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A guy walks into a bar and he sees another guy with a little head, so little a melon is bigger. He sees the guy buying everyone 3 rounds of drinks, so he walks up to him. And asks, "I appreciate you buying us drinks but why is your head so small?" The guy replied, "We'll I was stranded on an island last week for 3 days and as I was walking down the beach I saw a mermaid and she said she'll grant me 3 wishes. My first wish was to be rescued! So helicopters and ships showed up. My second wish was to be the richest man on earth so my bank account shot up and made me a trillionaire." The man paused. The other man asked, "What was your 3rd wish?" The man answered, "I didn't know what to ask for so I looked at the mermaid and said, "I want to f* you." She replied, "You can't f* me I'm a mermaid?" So I told her, "How about a little head!"

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