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In First Grade
Teacher : "Johnny what's the answer to 1+1?"
Unfortunately, the bell rings. The teacher tells johnny it's his homework..
At Home
Johnny : "Daddy.. what's 1+1?" (mom and dad were fighting)
Daddy : "F**k you!"
Johnny : "Brother, what's 1+1?" (brother is learning karate)
Brother : "Can't touch dis!"
Johnny : "Sister, what's 1+1?" (sister is reading the newspapers)
Sister : "Donald Trump, President of the US!
Johnny : "Grandma, what's 1+1?" (grandma is letting guests in)
Grandma : "But it's cold outside!"
Johnny was tired... so he went to sleep...
The Next Morning
Teacher : "Johhny, what's 1+1?"
Johnny : "F**k you!"
Teacher : "I'll slap you!" (hand reaches forard)
Johnny : (blocks hand) "Can't touch dis!
Teacher : Who taught you that?
Johnny : Donald Trump, President of the US!
Teacher : "Get out!"
Johnny : "But it's cold outside!"
Teacher : #!!??%#&%&?!

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