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How High Will This Sexual Misconduct Purge Go Before Its Over?

Breaking News - The Vatican:

God has been asked to step down amidst claims by Mary of Nazareth of sexual misconduct. In a short indictment found at Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 1:26-38 she alleges that God, without her knowing, came upon her while sleeping and got her pregnant. She points out that just because some old dead author foretold of it, asking permission after-the-fact is just not consent, adding further that intimidation may have played a role in her not reporting this sooner, "What are you supposed to say to the Creator of all things when he wants to have his way with you?"

Her son Jesus, the fruit of that pregnancy, was unavailable for comment. Her nephew John the Baptist was quoted as saying, "What, I lost my head over that?"

It is unknown if compensation has been demanded.

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