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3 men go on a business trip to an island, one was from Russia one was from London and the other was from New York. The has never been discovered by anyone till now so they didn't now what they were getting themselves in to. While walking in the forest they see a bush and out of the bush a cannibalistic tribe jump out, the tribe takes them to their camp and present them to the tribes leader. The leader says that they are walking on sacred grounds by their ancestors so we are going to kill you and make you in to a canoe but because we're not THAT f*cked up we're going to let you choose how you want to die. The dude from London said "I'll take the gun." So they gave him a gun with one Bullet. The dude from Russia said "I'll take the poison." So they gave him a cup of poison. The dude from New York said "I'll take a fork." Their like "a fork why in the world would you wan- OK" so they gave him a fork. The dude from London takes the gun and says "long live the queen." BANG he's dead, the dude from Russia takes the poison and says "for mother Russia." He drinks it and he dies, the dude from New York takes the fork and yells as loud as he can "UGH- CANOE OUT OF THIS MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!" And he dies.

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