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A husband a wife lived very happily together. One day while the husband was at work, his friend came over. The wife opened the door and offered him some snacks. As they sat down on the table, the husband's friend notice how beautiful her boobs were.
"I would pay you 100 dollars to see one of your boobs" said the friend
The wife thought about it, she knew that her husband saw her boobs for free, yet here is someone willing to pay me.
"Yes ofcourse you can" said the wife.
She lifted her top, just so he could see one boob
"Damn, you have amazing boobs, ill pay you another 100 dollars to see them both together" said the friend
The wife thought about it, she knew her husband saw both boobs for free every night, yet someone is willing to pay me.
"Ofcourse" she said
After the friend left, the wife quickly grabbed the 200 dollars she just earned. Suddenly her husband walks in the house unannounced.
"Hey did my friend stop by here?" the husband said
"Yes he did" said the wife
"Oh good, he also left the 200 dollars he owes me!" said the husband

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