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Funny Comeback

Teacher: WHY CAN'T YOU BE LIKE YOU WERE YOUR FIRST DAY IN SCHOOL! Like you were in Kindergarten!
Student: You really want me to be like I was on my first day?
Teacher: YES!
Student: Alright then.

*The next day*

Teacher: what's 4x3 divided by the square root of 7.
Student: FISH!
Class: *Laughs*
Teacher: Get over here!

*In the corner of the class room*

Teacher: We agreed you'd be like you were on your first day!
Student: Yeah, and the answer for everything was fish.
Teacher: I hate you.
Student: I hate you too
Teacher: You said that on your first day too?
Student: Nope, I said "I love you" to all my teachers
Teacher: Then why haven't you said that to me!?
Student: Because I didn't lie on the first day of school either.

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