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Timmy: Mom where's the thingy
Mom: What thingy?
Timmy: umm-it's-uh... oh it's long and sometimes it gets hard
Mom: Okay. go on...
Timmy: you can suck it
Mom: ?
Timmy: And lick it...
Mom: o_o
Timmy: It tastes really good
Mom: Son where did you learn this fro-
(*Timmy interrupts)
Timmy: wait, it also has a wrapping kind of object
Mom: O_O
Timmy: the wrappish object tells you which flavor it is.
Mom: Timmy liste-
Timmy: no no no wait, it also gets wet.
Mom: ... Son are you talking about your peni-
(*door slams open)
Selena: Mom where are the popsicles, me and Timmy was looking for it.

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