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Somehow a dog gets lost in a African Jungle. As he is finding his way a lion spots him. The lion thinks since the dog is so small he will be easy prey. When the dog sees the lion he gets extremely scared and starts to run but he sees some bones and gets an idea. As the lion approaches he says " Mmmm, that was some good lion." The lion immediately realizes this dog is a lot tougher than he though and runs off.

But there was a monkey in a tree watching the whole time. The monkey decides if he tells the lion what had happened the lion might reward him. so he tells the lion and the lion tells him to come with him to take down the dog. As the lion and monkey approach the dog the dog sees them and gets an idea then turns his back towards them pretending he didn't see them sand when they come into hearing distance he says " Wheres that darn monkey?! i told him to bring that lion here hours ago!"

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