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Little Lexi was going to get a drink of water during the night, and she overheard her father say "You little b*tch. You like that, huh?" And her mother replied with, "Oh yeah, I love your dick. Go deeper!!" The next day she asked her mother what dick meant. The mom told her a dick was a coat. She then asked her dad what b*tch meant. Her father said that a b*tch was a person. Later on, Lexi found her parents arguing. "YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!" Her mom shouted. "You're just a SLUT!" Her dad replied. Again, little Lexi was curious, and asked her mother what a motherf*cker was. Her mother said it was a turkey. Later, she asked her dad what a slut meant. He said it meant toilet. After that, her dad was on the toilet yelling "Honey, I'm having a big shit on the toilet so let's not have sex until later?" She asked what shit was and he said eating. He also said having sex meant socializing. After all that, her family came over for Thanksgiving. Little Lexi said "Happy Thanksgiving, b*tches! We're going to shit soon, my dad is upstairs eating the slut in the bathroom! My moms going to cut the motherf*cker shortly! Hang up your dicks and stay a while! I can't wait to have sex with you!

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