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Funny Blonde Joke

80000 blondes meet up for a ' BLONDS ARE NOT DUMB ' Convention. There are many reporters here and there is one main announcer. So the announcer calls up one volunteer blonde to ask some simple questions to. One blonde reluctantly comes on stage. The announcer asks her " What is 124 + 26 ".
After thinking for about 15 minutes she gets very excited and answers " 55 ".
The announcer says that the answer is wrong and then the whole convention is depressed. Suddenly the whole convention erupts with the chant " GIVE HER ANOTHER CHANCE" .
So the announcer thinks it cant be worse so he asks an easier question " What is 16 + 4"
The blonde on stage goes into very very deep thought and after about half an hour she smiles goes " 25 "
Again the whole convention goes " GIVE HER ANOTHER CHANCE" .
Now the announcer feels he is doing more harm than good but still asks " What is 10 + 10 " .
She is depressed but tries again. She puts her utmost efforts and after an hour says " 20 ".

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