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A small, terrible person continued on with his boring day. His meager existence continued to destroy his spirit. At least, it would if he had any. In fact, he had so little spirit, that he went to work in a hurricane they could only think of one name for, "Double Katrina". Yes, shit got that real. Somehow he was able to file his taxes before the hurricane blew him towards Death Valley. While in Death Valley, he came across a gaping cave, void of any modern aesthetics. Carefully, he approached the back of the cave, only to realize that it was only the end of the entrance. Towards the right, was an old Apple desktop from the late eighty's, that usually only started up after a few beatings on its side. Yes, he proceeded to hear Dial up, seeing as it was too old and slow to do anything useful. Suddenly, kickasshumor . com popped up, and he clicked on the category which he felt resonated with him. He had only a few words. "Aww yeah, just like my dick." And that folks, is nearly every person who has realized that the person was a penis himself, the hurricane was the queef from his first wife. The gaping cave was Anderson Coopers asshole, or the lack of a career he had, whichever. The apple desktop, was his image in a mirror: An overcompensator with no life, and devoid of any use.
(Above) That was me blowing your mind.

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