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A women who is 47 years old decides to have plastic surgery, hoping it will make her look younger.
As she leaves the hospital she quickly asks the receptionist how old she looked. The receptionist said "umm, 29"
"Wow, really?" the women replies. "I'm actually 47!"
So on the way home the women decides to stop at mcdonalds. She takes her order and asks the guy at the till how old she looked.
"34" says the man. "Wow, really?" the women replies. "I'm actually 47!"
So she leaves mcdonalds and goes to the bus stop. Waiting at the bus stop with her is a trampy looking man eating mcdonalds. After about 5 minutes of waiting for the bus the women can't resist asking the man how old he thought she looked. So she did. The man said. "I can do magic. If you let me put my face in your tits for 30 seconds I'll know your exact age."
The women looks around to see if anyone was around. Nobody was to be seen so she agrees with man. After the 30 seconds the man pulls away his face and says "Your 47..."
The women replies "wow, how did you know? Thats amazing." The man says "I was behind you in the que at mcdonalds..."

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