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Once upon a time way back in the early days of education when the educators still taught young children proper bathroom hygiene, there was a nun and a young boy. The nun was to teach the boy how to properly pee. She layed out seven steps for making sure that you properly urinated. The steps where as such:
1.) Undo you pant's zipper.
2,) Pull out your dingely-ding-dong.
3.) Pull back your foreskin.
4.) Urinate.
5.) Put your foreskin back forward.
6.) Put away your willy.
7.) Zip up and leave.
The nun made sure he did it right the first couple of times and let him alone.
One day later on she heard a noise come from out of the bathroom and went to investigate. As she got closer, she figured put it was someone saying something. And when she got in front of an occupied stall, she heard clearly what was being said, and who was saying it. It was the little boy. And what was he chanting so vigorously you ask? We the answer is this.
"Three-five, three-five, three-five, three-five."

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