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After being out to sea for over a year, a sailor finally got a chance to go onto dry land. The first thing he wanted to do was visit a local whore house. When he arrived at one he asked the guy behind the counter if they had any whores available, but the man told the sailor that had no whores and all they had was a chicken. The sailor thought about it and figured what the hell it had been ages since his last lay. He took the chicken up to a room where he tried for an hour to fuck the chicken but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't do it. After giving up the sailor left and would try again tomorrow. The next day he return only to find they had no whores available again but they did have lesbian show that he could watch in the back with other men. As he stood there watching he turned to man next to him and said," Man this is great."
To which the man replied,"Yeah but you should have been here yesterday some guy tried to fuck a chicken."

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