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One day, a bartender put up a sign on his door that read "If you can make my horse laugh, I'll give you a free beer." A guy walked in and said "I'd like to try," and the bartender showed him to the horse's stall out back and let him in. The bartender went back to the bar and waited, and the man came back and said "He's laughing, where's my beer?" The bartender was surprised and went back to check. Sure enough, the horse was laughing, so he gave the man a free beer. The bartender asked, "How did you do that?" The man said, "It's my secret,'' and left. The next day, the bartender saw that his horse was laughing non-stop. and it was beginning to irritate him. Frustrated by this, he put up a sign saying, "If you can make the horse cry, I'll give you two free beers." The same man walked in and said "I'd like to try" and the bartender showed him to the horse stall again and went back to the bar to wait. The man came back and sure enough, said, "The horse is crying, now, give me my free beers." The bartender was surprised once again. He went back to the stall to check, and sure enough, the horse was crying. The bartender asked the man again, "How in the world did you do that? Will you please tell me?" The man said, "Okay, okay, I'll tell you. First I told the horse my dick was bigger than his, and the second time, I showed it to him."

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